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Miguel Tardio favs

Entrevista hecha en la pagina de saint martin
Name: Miguel Tardío
Age: 21
From : Madrid (Spain)
Live : Madrid (Spain)
Start Riding : 6 years ago
Sponsors : st-martin (actionwheels)
Riders to ride with : all of my friends from Madrid especially the flatmad crew.
Rider in your country : Guelo (Miguel Monzón)
Rider in the world : I cant choose only one but Martti, Moto Sasaki, hotoke, Alex jumelin, Viki, Chase Gouin, Michael Sommer…
Street rider : Kevin Porter
Dirt rider : Mike Aitken
Flatland rider : Martti
Old school rider : Chase Gouin
BMX photographer : Alberto Moya and Roberto Pichucho.
Trick : death truck.
BMX Magazine : Cream
Bike company : st-martin
BMX contest : BMX MASTERS and O`Marisquiño (VIgo, Spain)
Bike shop : Action Wheels.
Travel destination : Cologne
Spots to ride : Colón and « El templo » (both in Madrid)
Places to ride : Japan
Cities : Barcelona
BMX video : « Flatsquere » (intrikat)
Website :, and
Movie : « The silence of the lambs »
Music : indie, electronical, d&b, rock, trip-hop…
Bands : « The postal service », « Dj Shadow », « Bonobo »…
Food : pasta with pesto
Drink : milk
Car : classic cars
Colour : green
Shoes : any with toght sole but I like nike maverik
Clothing company: I can`t choose only one.
party: in Nano´s wedding (He´s a flatland rider from Spain)
Girl : my girlfriend
What is BMX for you ? BMX for me is a part of happiness
Interests besides riding ? psychology, films, novels…
What is your favorite StM part ? X26 stem and footjam frame.
Y aqui un video de él:

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